Communication from the future

ClubsChat is a chatbot that lets you contact members of your organization through Facebook Messenger, and soon by SMS and Email. Reaching members on a service they're already using means a lot more interaction and a lot less ignoring.

Easy to Use

Sending out mass notifications is easier than ever before, with a quick and intuitive interface that makes it easier than ever for you to keep in touch with your members.

Anytime, Anywhere

At an event and need to send a quick notification to everyone about where to meet? Need to keep everyone updated on who's winning the competition? The mobile-friendly and efficient control panel of ClubsChat lets you reach out to your members at any time, from anywhere.

Why use ClubsChat?

Easy to Use

It's never been easier to reach your entire organization: just log in, type your message, and send it off through the interwebs.

Instant Communication

ClubsChat works over the Facebook Messenger Platform, so your messages will be delivered within seconds of smashing that publish button.

Always Free

The basic functionality of ClubsChat will always remain free, so you can forever keep in touch with your members through our service.


All data about your club and its members is encrypted, so the rival club on campus won't be finding out about your plans anytime soon.

Sign up today and get started with the newest in club communication.